Amana - Amrit Sadhana Singh complete

Amana - Amrit Sadhana Singh complete

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Amrit Sadhana Singh chose the title 'Amana' (Punjabi: "peace", Celtic: "stream, let it flow") for his new album.

And that is exactly where the sound journey mediated by the connection of the individual mantras and Shabads leads. Amana thus becomes an album that invites us to immerse ourselves and use it practically as meditation music in private or in the classroom. The three classics Ra Ma Da Sa, Ad Gureh Nameh and Sat Narayan, which are made for 11-minute meditations, are particularly suitable for teaching.


Ād gur-ē nameh (10:55)
Bhaja man mēre (06:33)
Ra Ma Da Sa (11:08)
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru (08:40)
Ēka mai (10:15)
Sat Narayan (10:43)

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