Dance and Meditate - Shakti & Shiva complete

Dance and Meditate - Shakti & Shiva complete

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Dance & Meditate! – Shakti & Shiva. The debut album by Sigi Vikrampal Kaur Härmand and Ralf Ram Jivan Singh Schönwiese. The finest trance dance music for teachers and students. There is something for everyone, be it for quiet meditation and deep relaxation or for dancing. Clear and sensitive melodies and rhythms not only enable us to have a very special listening experience, but also accompany our yoga practice in an excellent way.


Introduction (01:58)
Har Hare Hari (07:00)
Adi Shakti Meditation (11:09)
Ra Ma Da Sa (06:21)
Har Meditation (11:28)
Ad Gure Nameh (07:00)
Sat Nam Deep Relaxation (11:00)
Wake Up Song (04:39)
Long Time Sunshine (02:15)
Bonus tracks:
Surya Phenomena (Dance Trance Version) (06:35)

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