Develop the frontal lobe - Meditation #NM0354

Develop the frontal lobe - Meditation #NM0354

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Yogi Bhajan on August 8th 2000

"In the information Age the flow of information is becoming so huge that it will make us crazy. We need to practice stimulation and control of both the upper palate and the frontal lobe, which are undeveloped."

Language: English

Mantra: Wah-Hay Guroo, Wah-hay Jeeo (Sangeet Kaur and Harjinder Singh)

From the Original CD-Rom A Year with the Master
Synopses from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Copyright © 2001 S. S. Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa. Copyright © YB Teachings, LLC

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