Develop Self-Reliance - Meditation #LA950
Develop Self-Reliance - Meditation #LA950

Develop Self-Reliance - Meditation #LA950

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"You build your body, mind, soul and personality according to your conception. You do not allow your self to be free. To Be.
Yoga is not making postures. Yoga is when you within you is united; not outside with any god, not with your spiritual teacher. You within you can know you. You within you can see you." Meditation: Develop Self-Reliance
Teached by Yogi Bhajan at February 14th, 2000
From the Original CD-Rom A Year with the Master
Synopses from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Copyright © 2001 S. S. Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa. Copyright © YB Teachings, LLC
Language: English
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