Adi Shakti, Power of Love - Gurudass Kaur complete

Adi Shakti, Power of Love - Gurudass Kaur complete

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The Adi Shakti mantra tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother and is fully focused on the original protective energy. It is said that chanting the Adi Shakti mantra eliminates fears and fulfills desires.

The sacred sounds of this mantra open you to the awareness of love and oneness with the whole. Atma , the spark of Source within, yearns for union with Paramatma , Source of All. This mantra is about opening yourself to the power of this unconditional and superconscious love experience. And this is indeed the Kundalini energy, our creative and spiritual potential, which rests at the base of the spine until it awakens.

As a pre-release of their album Inspiraled (release around the end of 2018), Gurudass Kaur presents a new version of the popular Adi Shakti Mantra, also known as the Kundalini Bhakti Mantra - with a lot of devotion (bhakti) and carried by the soul's yearning striving for union with the Divine Beloved.

Adi Shakti, The Power of Love by Gurudass Kaur is also the daily all-camp meditation of the 2018 European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France.

Adi Shakti - 11 Minute Meditation (12:22)
Adi Shakti - 31 Minute Meditation (33:06)

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