Raga Bageshri Late night raga - GS Sachdev

Raga Bageshri Late night raga - GS Sachdev

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GS began playing the bansuri at the age of 14 and learned a special and rare ability to communicate with the audience through his music. Staying away from fusion and blending like few musicians, he found great enthusiasm and satisfaction in exploring and learning traditional Indian music.
In addition to his live performances worldwide, his highly polished music is greatly enjoyed in yoga studios, meditations, ashrams and spiritual centers.
His music creates a space as a counterpoint to rush and stress, cynicism and fatigue.
About this piece:

Raga Bageshri Late night raga
25:57 mins.
The 3rd and 7th notes are flat. There is occasional use of the 5th which beautifies the raga. The mood is graceful, deep and serious. The opening alap establishes the structure and the mood of the raga. The slow composition in ektal explores the depth of the raga and the mood lightens during the almost teenage. The voice of the flute in both ragas reflects the singing style with its many nuances.

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