Aloka's Grace - Siri Sadhana Kaur complete

Aloka's Grace - Siri Sadhana Kaur complete

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Chanting and chanting mantras creatively transforms and improves your consciousness. Repeating mantras creates a "heat" that vibrates in every cell, strengthening the body and nervous system. This changes your mind and body chemistry.
The rhythm and pronunciation work similarly to reflexology on the upper palate, improving your mood and health. It helps us to align with the functions and sensitivity of the whole self, which in turn positively affects the endocrine system, chakras and psyche.
Each mantra has an alignment and focus that addresses the connection between our soul and the universal, divine. The mantras are in Gurmukhi and Sanskrit.

Aad Guray Nameh (Mangala Charan Mantra) 6:12
Mul Mantra (The Root Mantra) 6:20
Gobinday Mukanday (Guru Gaitri Mantra) 8:57
Ang Sang Wahe Guru 7:19
Sa Re Sa Sa (Antar Naad Mantra – This is the base mantra of all mantras) 5:27
Sat Siri Siri Akaal (Aquarian Mantra) 6:23
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (Siri Mantra) 7:06

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