Breathe! - Karan Deva complete

Breathe! - Karan Deva complete

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With Breathe! the German musician couple KaranDeva presents an ingenious, both musically appealing and super practical tool to support and guide the various breathing techniques of Kundalini Yoga.

It offers practical guidance and instructions for correct breathing with well-set rhythms at the perfect speed for each breathing technique, while the meditative music ensures that your mind remains relaxed-meditative and focused at the same time.

Breathe! creates a special atmosphere in which you can consciously concentrate on breathing in a protected space and at the same time work on deepening and perfecting your breathing.
Breathing properly is a lot of fun!


Breath of Fire – moderate (120 beats/min.) (11:32)
Breath of Fire – fast (150 beats/min.) (11:22)
Long Deep Breath – Full Yogi Breath (11:34)
One Minute Breath (11:50)
Breath of Ten (13:26)
Calm Breathing – Deep Relaxation (11:41)

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