The self-awareness system - PDF file - completely revised
The self-awareness system - PDF file - completely revised

The self-awareness system - PDF file - completely revised

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The self-perception system according to Yogi Bhajan (Self-Sensory-System) - completely revised

“A system of self-awareness will develop; a new system in which each individual will feel himself complete.”
In a lecture on August 1, 2000, Yogi Bhajan - who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West - presented a system for using our sense of self for our well-being and our daily actions.

In the Self Sensory System described by Yogi Bhajan, we enable ourselves to reside in the right brain and no longer identify with left brain memories. We then perceive the flow of the immediate moment without the disturbing influence of the past.
Our ego perceives itself as a product of direct experience and at this stage no longer needs distraction or stimulation from the outside. Memories and identity remain present, but are now merely a tool available for interaction with others.
This is a state of great mental freedom. This inner freedom has positive effects on the vitality of the body. Tissue hardening that causes disease can be released more easily.


Working with the body's information field
Possibilities and limits of the trained mind
The unlimited perception
transmissions between people
Working on the information field beyond the body
The interaction of the hemispheres of the brain
The pressure mounts and lights up the twilight
How does the self-perception system develop
The Effect of the Self-Perception System
chaos or truth
He who can hear must serve

Lecture by Yogi Bhajan: The system of self-awareness and the transition from Pisces to Aquarius
Lecture by Yogi Bhajan: The Self-Awareness System and Relationships
Meditation: Connect with the perception system
Meditation: Break the trance of the Pisces Age
Yoga exercise series: self-control through developed sensitivity

PDF file, 45 pages
The book includes a yoga exercise series, two meditations and two lectures by Yogi Bhajan.
Author: Sangeet Singh Gil
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

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