Furmaan Khalsa - Mata Mandir Singh complete

Furmaan Khalsa - Mata Mandir Singh complete

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Furmaan Khalsa - this is a very special album by Mata Mandir Singh & Friends.
Several spiritual poems by Yogi Bhajan from the book Furmaan Khalsa are set to music here. The deeply inspired texts sometimes resemble Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, yet always bear the special signature of Yogi Bhajan.
Partly in Gurmukhi, partly in English, Mata Mandir Singh once again proves his musical ability, in which many other musicians also play their part, as usual. A top recommendation!


The Yogi (5:14)
power (4:36)
Devotion (4:14)
Raj Yoga (5:13)
Perfect Balance (6:00)
Wake Up (3:47)
Khalsa (7:04)
Divine Power (5:26)
Sadhana (7:44)

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