Sadhana for Château Anand - Tera Naam complete

Sadhana for Château Anand - Tera Naam complete

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This special sadhana was created during the nine-month stay of the two artists of the Tera Naam duo, Hansujot Singh and Dharam Kaur, on the beautiful grounds of Château Anand. As you listen to this album, you become part of the harmony and magic of this wonderful place and all the people who serve it. You merge with the totality of all things, find inner peace and set the course for a day full of light. An accurately chanted version of the Long Ek Ong Kar, which also mystically takes us beyond our dimensions, enriches the album, as well as an inspiring new composition of the closing song May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You. A special treat is the bonus track 'Rays of the Sun'. Sadhana for Château Anand is a donation project. All profits from the sale of this CD will benefit the construction of the Château Anand project, the future home of 3HO Europe and the European Kundalini Yoga Festival - may this particular CD of uplifting music be a humble contribution to helping us achieve that goal. tracks: Long Ek Ong Kar (08:14) Wha Yantee (07:40) Mul Mantra (08:10) Sat Siri Akaal (08:25) Rakhe Rakhanhar (08:18) Wahe Guru Jio (24:16) Guru Ram Das (06:07) Long Time Sun (01:53) Rays of the Sun (04:38) Further information on the Château Anand project:

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