- Song of the Soul - Sat Hari Singh complete

- Song of the Soul - Sat Hari Singh complete

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"Mantras of Joy" also enchant the third album by Sat Hari Singh and Hari Bhajan Kaur. They ring in our hearts and uplift them. What is special about this CD is the unique interpretation of Guru Nanak's long mantra prayer, the Jap Ji , the song of the soul . In this way, the music becomes a deep meditation when you sing or listen to it.

The 24-page booklet contains the full version of the Jap Ji in transliteration, making it easy to mis-sing or read.

More information about Sat Hari Singh can be found on the topic page: Mantra music and yoga books by Sat Hari Singh

1. Guru Ram Das Chant (8:40)
2. Ik Ardas (8:04)
3. Aad Such (7:27)
4. Ong Namo (7:17)
5. Jap Ji (34:25)

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