To the Stars and Back - Hansu Jot complete

To the Stars and Back - Hansu Jot complete

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Hansu Jot , already known to many as the male part of the popular duo Tera Naam , sets completely new musical standards with his solo album To the Stars and Back - Sacred Meditations . Here the multi-instrumentalist presents deep, meditative Kundalini mantras in a brilliant new sound that lives up to the title of the album: you fly straight to the stars, but you also come back safely – or better: healed!


  • Narayan (06:18)
    River Invocation
  • Sat Narayan Haree Narayan (12:03)
    Balancing the Flow of Emotions
  • Gunpati Mantra (11:48)
    Self Healing & Removing Negativity
  • Ek Ong Kaar Laya Yoga (11:43)
    Absorption Into The Sacred Space
  • Dharti Hai (11:52)
    Connection Into The Heart
  • Har Har Har Har Gobinday (11:33)
    Manifesting Prosperity
  • Guru Ram Dass Chant (12:16)
    Miracle Of The Heart Prayer

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