Train To Amritsar - Guru Dass complete

Train To Amritsar - Guru Dass complete

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In the summer of 2017, Gurudass Singh left his body. He and Guru Ganesha Singh chanted hymns and mantras together for more than 30 years. Here they express their joy and devotion at bathing in the holy waters in the face of the light of the Golden Temple.

You will be moved by the sweetness of the ballads and the rocking elements of the music, which expresses the excitement that comes from being in the land of spiritual awakening. The songs of faith and devotion inspire beyond words.


Miracle of Guru Ram Das (05:29)
I am I am (05:03)
Never Surrender (05:08)
Gift from Guru Ram Das (06:36)
Ballad of Guru Ram Das (07:57)
Never Again ("Marble Song") (05:48)
A Miracle (04:23)
Train to Amristar (07:48)
Love is the Answer (05:16)

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